Avery + Julian - Intimate Atlanta Wedding

Last year in June, four days before Avery + Julian's beautiful wedding my house burned down. Yep, the unthinkable happened.  Thankfully my family made it out safely (my awesome husband ran back in for my cameras and equipment) but we were devastated and in shock.  Days later when it came time for me to shoot Avery & Julian's wedding, I was terrified that I couldn't do it. I am so grateful to this sweet couple for who they are: kind, thoughtful, so very in love and easy going.  They had no idea what happened and I chose not to tell them, but I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to capture so soon after the loss of our house.

Their wedding was a uniquely communal experience - it was held in the gorgeous garden of Avery's family home and planned & put together by family & friends. Homemade wedding signs, freshly cut flowers, vintage plate collections for the reception, friends lighting candles and much more showed everyone's love for Avery & Julian throughout the day.


Avery's rings were designed and made by Julian.  Everyone was invited to hold the rings while giving them blessings and wishes. Her hair and make up were done at home with help from her sister. I absolutely loved the delicate detail and design of the back of Avery's wedding dress.


Avalon did a fabulous job catering the wedding and the reception was an absolute blast!