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My name is Latetia and I'm the face and hands behind June Bird Photography.  I love capturing real emotion in a photo - with people, animals and even things. Photographs are a powerful medium for communicating and truth and emotion are always my goals as I capture beauty in imperfection, love and light.

I can honestly say that photography has made me love people more.  I grow a little more with each new person I photograph. It's also fun to create a different reality with a camera every once in awhile.

I chose to name my business June Bird because my birthday is in June and that month represents hope for another year - it embodies dreams for the future, excitement for new possibilities and also a bit of reflection of the past. It is a warm month (maybe a little too warm here in Georgia!) and often involves a refreshing visit to the ocean. If I can see water, I am happy. Paired with June, birds are my favorite - I never tire of looking at them. Their beauty in flight, their soft feathers and curves. Plus, they make their home in trees, which are my second favorite things.